About Me

Name: Jason Tingle (a.k.a. Mr Q’ Tee)


Page pic 1Profession: life coach, author, trainer

Who Am I?

I am the Business Owner and Founder of Life Cycle Developments. I am also an entrepreneur, product creator, multimedia creator, marketer turned book Author, and currently a life coach and personal trainer.

He began DJing after school in West London. He continued and grew this determination into other businesses such Music Production, Graphic Design and other creative avenues. At the same time as building his own businesses he was working a full time job in credit control, and still DJing! As he would say, he was “sharpening other skills for the future”.

Through Jason’s credit control job he learnt a lot about corporate business structure. He was mentored in this job by Alf Green, head of credit control at Harrods. It was the two of them in one office together collecting money from BUPA, PPP, private companies, wealthy clients and embassies for Old Court Hospital, which was a private hospital located in Ealing. As you can imagine, there was a lot of old and new knowledge in that room! This honed his business skills, sales mentality, corporate finance skills and how to handle rich clients. This gave Jason the keys to the answers he wanted to know at the time and him and Alf got on well, Alf even called me son!


At a young age I realized that being an entrepreneur was the future for me and even delved into buying and selling at auctions. I have also built my own recording studio and record label in 2005, which progressed into a multimedia studio. I have previous expertise and experience as a Business Consultant, Business Strategist, Marketer, Book Author, Product Creator, Life Coach, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Photographer, Video Director and more. I am currently a life coach and personal trainer.

about-page-picWhy Make This Journey?

I have developed my theory of life cycle throughout my personal and business life as long as I can remember. You could call it your spiritual or inner gut feeling. The lifecycle theory promotes that all aspects of your life should be one well-oiled machine working together towards the same goals; that is to develop your life emotionally and physically. The majority of people have been dependent, regressive, lacking self-worth, pushed into a mind-set of life disorder and mental and spiritual devaluation.

I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to change your mind-set and initiate a new life lifestyle, however I also know how rewarding it can feel when you follow through and make those changes on the promise of a healthy mind and body, as they both need to be ensync to achieve any greatness. I made that journey of changing mind set many years ago. My journey was interrupted by illness, which made me realise that you could development your mind but your need a great body to support and carry you through. My life experiences and journey forced me to revaluate my life and taught me that reconnecting our body and mind allows us to see the present more clearly and bring more new positive changes to your life.

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I am an expert in surviving, growing and excelling in in circumstance which present continued obstacles, and that’s putting it lightly. I want to help others succeed and spread his broad knowledge and experience, hence all aspects of life coaching and physical training.

Page pic 3Healthy Body and Mind

Fitness was a manifestation of my journey. I always wanted to get fit and stay fit, but the matrix took over life got in the way, I just couldn’t find the strength or motivation to begin the journey. I however knew I was approaching 40 years old and after abusing my body over the years, I decided to embark on fitness regime. I did not keep it up through, I just didn’t have the discipline at the time to be consistent. I started again, but then crack a rib, which stopped me for period and then I continued to start and stop. I actually started and stopped approximately four time for many years.

The four time round I changed my mind set and kept at it, even when a little voice told me to stop, don’t do it. The more I ignored that voice and kept going the more I felt better mentally and physically. I achieved quick results and gained and overall form, which was fortunate as I fell significantly sick ill which put me back 10 months in fitness terms. I however did not want that to stop me. I was more determine to come back regain what I had lost in physical and mental well-being. From then on I slept, eat and breathe fitness, it has formed the foundation of my social, spiritual and working life.

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