Class Wars

A book by Mr Q’ Tee

This is a book for the unconventional thinkers who wish to gain insight into how social class can dictate our path in life. Reading this book will provoke thoughts and re-actions. You may even have more questions than answers at the end of it, but that’s fine. Whether rich or poor, these will be questions you NEED to be considering, but the vast majority of people are not! The aim of this book is to expand your mind about class.

This Book Breaks down the Social Class Structures and Digs in Deep!!
This Book tells you what’s wrong with Society!!!

What this book does NOT do is try to explain to you how to live your life. But what it does do is give you something to SERIOUSLY think about, which could change the direction of your life entirely! It challenges identity issues and economics theory. It is not an academic book, but a life learning book.

class-wars-bookRead, Learn, THINK, obtain Knowledge

Do not read this book with the assumption of conventional literature, think creatively and enjoy it. Social class is a changing issue and this book reflects this throughout. It’s a book for the thinking person who would like to add to their collection of thought provoking books. It is also for those who believe in stimulating their mind and self development.

•What is class?
•What class are you in??
•What class do you want to be in???

If you wish to know what social class you may be ‘placed’ in, have a clear mind of where you want to be ‘placed’ or avoid being ‘placed’ altogether then read this book!

•Know your Class!
•Move up in Class!!
•Create your Own Class!!!

Class Wars: Where Do You Fit in NOW?????

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